Technology Park Weinberg Campus

Technology Park Weinberg Campus, founded 25 years ago, today is the innovation location for the life sciences and materials sciences industry in Saxony-Anhalt. We run modern specialized research facilities for biotechnology, biomedicine, medical technology, nanotechnology and also information and automation technology. With 134 hectares, it is the largest tech park in Central Germany. Around 200 start-ups have found the best conditions since its foundation in 1993. Today, more than 100 companies and institutes, employing approx. 5,500 people, are located here. 

Technology oriented start-up companies benefit from office space, laboratories, greenhouses, animal keeping facilities, GMP areas and clear space in a total of nine buildings and 30,000 sqm.

We provide not only classic building and facility management but also support and assistance with the planning and implementation of investment projects, with organizing trade fair presentations, workshops and conferences. 

Additionally we offer project management for research and development projects and facilitate to science and industry. Its core competence is the close network between science and industry. The people involved here represent the entire valueadded chain, starting with basic and applied research, going over to product and service development to the final production.

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